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Oregon fishing guided trips for Sturgeon and Salmon. Portland Columbia River Gorge. 503-240-0631

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In memory of Ralph, a great angler and friend.

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Oregon Sturgeon, Salmon, & Steelhead

2015 Sturgeon Season Maybe The Best Ever.

Several major changes the last two years have changed the fishery in a positive way:

  • The lower Columbia and Willamette rivers have been primarily catch and release with very few sturgeon kept. That’s an extra 20,000 keeper-sized fish available.
  • The primary sturgeon spawning grounds have been closed to fishing, areas that were normally heavily fished, reducing the total pressure especially for over-sized sturgeon.
  • Few sturgeon congregate below Bonneville Dam, a historically strong fishery. The sea lions feasting at Bonneville have scattered throughout the system.

This winter and spring on the Willamette river, we have caught larger fish than ever. 20 – 40 fish a day have been norm with many over 50 lbs.

Last June and July we followed the sturgeon to Astoria on the lower Columbia. This area is mostly saltwater, which the smaller “shakers” don’t like. Slow days average 20 fish and fast action fishing was 50 sturgeon. Most days several sturgeon between 100 and 300 pounds were caught.

Much of the summer Astoria fishery is done is shallow, sandy flats where they feed aggressively. These are the wildest sturgeon we have caught, regularly running 50 – 100 yards, jumping completely out of the water like tarpon.

This is the best catch and release fishery on the planet! We cannot kill the fish but the memories will last forever.


  • World Class Sturgeon, Salmon
    & Steelhead Fishing
  • Quality Bait and Tackle
  • Fish Cleaning
  • Heated Boat for Six
  • Custom & Corporate Trips
  • Oregon Fishing License Onboard


Contact Oregon Fishing Guide Frank Russum:

Sturgeon Frank Pro GuideFind Frank on Facebook
Welcome to Sturgeon Frank's Guide Service.
My name is Frank Russum, I am also known as "Sturgeon Frank" by many of the local fishermen. I have been a life long fisherman and a full time Oregon fishing guide for over twenty years. I look forward to guiding my clients into some of the best fishing the northwest has to offer, safely and productively.

Oregon Fishing Guide Boat

Up to six clients will enjoy fishing from the comfort and safety of my 24 foot heated Northriver Seahawk. Our guide boat is fully outfitted with padded swivel seats and a canvas top for inclement weather. Also, to aid in safety, navigation, and locating fish, it has modern electronics - GPS, VHF, and Color LCD Fish Finder. Larger view of our Oregon fishing boat

Frank's Guide Service
77 NE Morgan
Portland, Oregon 97211

Contact Oregon Fishing Guide Frank Russum: (Best to contact me by phone)

Client feedback

Over size Sturgeon columbia river

Sturgeon Frank is known world wide as one of the most successful Sturgeon fishing guides in the Northwest. He has customers from around the world who join him each year to fish the mighty Columbia River for one of the toughest freshwater fish around - the Great White Sturgeon (photo above). The Columbia River Gorge also offers some of the most spectacular scenery in Oregon.

Frank is also a top Oregon fishing guide. Something you will notice right off when fishing with Sturgeon Frank is that he avoids fishing in the crowds whenever possible. Using his many years of experience fishing Oregon, he will find his clients a location that provides the best action and plenty of elbow room to play out their fish.

[ Oregon Fishing Report ]

Columbia River Chinook Salmon

Sturgeon Frank is US Coast Guard licensed to fish in the Pacific ocean, most guides are not. This is a big plus when fishing Chinook and Coho Salmon areas like the famous Tillamook Bay or the popular Columbia River Buoy 10 fishery. Because at times the hot bite will be just outside of the of bay in ocean, where many guides cannot venture.


Large Columbia River Sturgeon

Whether you want to catch a lot of fish in a day or maybe the largest fish you have ever caught, fishing for Sturgeon on the Columbia and Williamette Rivers, has it for you.

The Columbia River system has the largest population of Sturgeon in North America. Depending on where you fish on the river you can catch Sturgeon all year long.

In the area I fish near Portland, Oregon, we have two different Sturgeon fisheries that do overlap some:

Keepers (42” to 60”) – While available all year the fishing is best in this area from October through May. These are excellent to eat and will fight as hard as any freshwater fish out there. Most days we catch 20 to 30 sub-legal Sturgeon while fishing for Keepers. There is always a lot of action for everyone.

Oversize (all catch and release) typically caught from mid May to mid August (best) through November (good). In the Columbia River Gorge 150 to 600 lbs. Sturgeon are available to those that want to catch the hardest fighting freshwater fish in the world. Using 2 to 3 lb. baits and stand up tuna tackle with 80 lb. line, most days we catch 2 to 5 of these huge Sturgeon (and sometimes more). This is not for everyone, fights lasting 15 to 30 minutes and sometimes longer, will test your strength.

[ Oregon Fishing Report ]  [ Oregon Fishing License ]
[ Columbia River Fishing Regulations ]

Salmon (Chinook and Coho) and Steelhead

Group chinook Salmon limits

Spring, summer and fall, Chinook are available from March through November. These are fish fresh from the ocean that can weigh from 10 to over 50 lbs. These are hard fighting, excellent eating Salmon that are caught here in Portland, Oregon and on the coast at Tillamook Bay and Astoria.

Coho are Chinooks smaller cousin, weighing between 6 and 20 lbs. While not as large as the Chinook Salmon, when fishing is good it is no uncommon to have 2 and 3 of these wild fighting Coho on at a time. Most of these Coho are caught at Astoria, Oregon’s famous Buoy 10 fishery in August and early September.

When fishing for Salmon, most of the time we are trolling with herring or using the hot lure of the day.

Steelhead, the Columbia River has one of, if not the largest runs of steelhead in the world. From mid June through early September 300,000 to 800,000 steelhead cross over Bonneville Dam just east of Portland, Oregon. On most days 2,000 to 8,000 steelhead a day are going over the dam. This is easy fishing that the whole family can enjoy. Either anchoring and letting the current work your lure or trolling. There is lots of opportunity to catch these beautiful 5 to 20 lbs. summer run steelhead.

Columbia River Sturgeon

Sturgeon Jumping on Willamette River near Portland

Both the Willamette River in Portland and the Columbia River from Astoria to Bonneville Dam provide excellent fishing for white Sturgeon. Sturgeon have a white meet that is very good eating and is some of the best smoked fish you will ever eat.

These fish are very strong and provide pole bending and exciting action when hooked. Sturgeon fishing is open to catch and release year-round and fishing is typically good throughout the year, but the state sets the dates that anglers are able to retain them.

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